Bonaire – Ocean – Villas

If you take good care of our car, we take good care of the price!

GAS UP – Our Trucks needs DIESEL or GASOLIN

CHECK OUT what is the right one for YOUR CAR !!!

Pre pay at the window & gas up your car with the right fuel. Fill it up? Leave an amount with the register and go back after filling up for change & receipt.

ACCIDENTS – Make sure that you and your Family are safe!

LEAVE THE CAR(S) how accident happened, don’t move the car(s) & always call BSF: +599 701 0737 (Bonaire Security Force) and Bonaire-Ocean-Villas +599 786 7618. After heavy accidents also call the Police +599 717-8000.


The speed limit is 40 km (25 miles) per hour in all urban areas.

The speed limit is 60 km (37 miles) per hour in the rural areas.

Please pay extra attention to the speed of other drivers on the road to Rincon & to Sorobon. We have often serious car crashes on these roads because of high speed & unsafe behavior.

Bushes, Thorns & Salt Water

We love all green & water, but some do not love us. “PIKA” bushes have strong thorns and will scratch the car and puncture your tire. Saltwater will corrode our cars and seats.


All documents are in your glove compartment. DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE

Crossing donkeys & goats, slippery road surface

Watch out for donkeys & goats at all times. They come out of bushes abruptly…. especially at night. They are one of the most common causes of accidents on Bonaire. After short rains the roads are slippery like black ice.


Most of our beautiful beaches you can reach by dirt road, that’s no problem.

But OFF ROAD driving is not allowed & not insured. It’s just too much wear & tear & risk.


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